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long-term business

   We have been serving the Inland Empire and our community for over 30 years! Since my father started this shop in 1983. My sister and myself have grown up in this shop, learned the trade, and now run the family business. I am so proud to have this opportunity to share our history, and express my gratitude, and hope for another 30 years to serve the Inland Empire and Rancho Cucamonga communities. It has been an honor - it truely has. - Jerry Stout

meet our team

A shop ran and operated by friends and family!

  • Jerry Stout

    Took over the family business from his father Dennis Stout, in 1999.

  • Kelly Stout

    Grew up in the shop with Jerry, and still helping build the business!

  • Jerome Dilliard

    Jerome has been a close family friend for over 20 years, and I'm glad to call him a part of the team!

our mission

   Here at Rancho Auto Service it is our mission to provide fast, effective, and efficient automotive repairs. We serve the Inland Empire, and keep vehicles on the road running longer. It is our duty to share with you all visible potential hazards and dangers that might exist with your vehicle. We train to be better technicians, and not salesmen. The success of our company is also in part to our wonderful reliable vendors. We have built co-dependant relationships with our vendors and their success is ours and visa versa.

why choose us?

   This year we celebrated 30 years of serving our community. For us, that means 30 years of relationships, commitments, and valued service. Here at Rancho Auto Service, you aren't a client, number, or customer. You are family, and we treat you like one of our own.