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    We use quality products that have been tried and tested to meet or exceed industry standards. We support brands such as Penzoil, Mobil 1 Performance, Royal Purple, Fram, K&N, and of course OEM.

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    With over 20 years of experience on our side, you can be sure we're on your side. We have an impeccable track record of providing only grade A service.

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    We have one specialty. Automotive. We regularly service all vehicles from classics to exotics. There is no telling what might pull into the shop to be serviced.

what is the difference between maintenance and repair?

Maintenance is the proactive role of replacing old or worn parts that are prone to failure. Repair is the action of fixing a part that has already failed.

Preventative Maintenance is crucial to the life of your vehicle. Did you know that some engines need a complete head job if the timing belt/chain fails? These are called interference engines. When the belt or chain fails, the piston moves up the cylinder wall colliding with open valves. What a mess! Here are common preventative measures.

  • Regular Fluid Changes, Filter Changes, Hoses, and Belts.
  • Diagnosing, and Repairing Check Engline Lights, and Emissions
  • Alignments, Brakes, and Suspension Related Parts

service warranty options

We supply warranties on R&R (Remove and Replace) parts such as:*
  • Alternators, Batteries, and Sensors
  • Rebuilt Engines, and Transmissions
  • New Engines, and Transmissions

* Terms and Conditions May Apply. Not available on all parts, or at all times. Subject to availability. Labor is sometimes not included. This list is not all inclusive. Ask a technician for more details.

spring & suspension

Suspension systems should be greased, and inspected for wear or potential failure regulary during services.

Shocks, Struts, and Springs should be replaced every 50,000 miles or to manufacturer specifications.

repair services

  • Standard Brake Service

    This is usually a same day services that involves replacing brake pads and/or shoes, drum adjustment and spring replacement, bleeding brakes, resurfacing or replacement of rotors, and repacking of bearings or replacement of bears and races.

  • Standard Full Service

    With this service we change transmission fluid and filter, engine oil and filter, rear differential fluid, and our complimentary inspection!